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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
Circle of friendship extending to the world
北海道知事 高橋はるみ
I am grateful that the International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido (IYE) will be held here with many participants from home and abroad. On behalf of Hokkaido residents I would like to express my warm welcome to the youths, particularly to those from overseas.
IYE is designed to provide young people who will be leaders of next generation with an opportunity to grow global-minded and understand each other beyond difference of languages, cultures, political systems or religions by living together.
“G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit” is planned for next year with a main theme of environment. The IYE, too, has “ecology” as its theme, under which variety of programs are planned for interchange among participants and with Hokkaido residents. I hope that you will fully enjoy this one-week experience and cherish the memory for a long time.
I sincerely hope that the circle of friendship created here through the IYE will extend beyond Hokkaido to the world, and will help make bright future full of dreams.

Harumi Takahashi
Hokkaido International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido
Executive Committee
Governor of Hokkaido

Welcome to Hokkaido
北海道新聞社代表取締役 菊池育夫
I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to IYE participants.
The youth exchange event was organized for the first time in 1987 in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of The Hokkaido Shimbun Press. We hoped to set up the forum where young people of the world meet for interchanges in Hokkaido, through which international understanding will be deepened and personal development made.
Thanks to the support of many people, this event has been held continuously and successfully, and will mark the 20th this year. Since its start, a total of more than 1,000 people from overseas and approximately 4,000 young people of Hokkaido took part in the youth exchange programs and made many friends.
I sincerely hope that participants will learn each other, feel different culture, and deepen understanding this year, too. I also hope that the friendship fostered here will be extended to the world, and the experience and knowledge gained here will be useful in everyone’s future.
One of the main themes of this year’s IYE is “ecology.” Now we are facing global-scale challenges such as global warming and destruction of environment. It is a good time to sit and think of relationship between human and nature. When people of the same generation of different countries actively take part in various programs together, you will gain some good ideas and wisdom. Although the time is short and limited, I hope you will enjoy many good experiences here and share them with your friends and families.

Ikuo Kikuchi
Vice President
Hokkaido International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido
Executive Committee
President, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press