International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO

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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
Overall administration, operation and management
< The Hokkaido Shimbun Press and Hokkaido Government >
Support of operation and management, and PR
< UHB, Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co. >
Translation and interpretation
Responsible for international correspondence, translation, assignment of interpreters, etc.
Language assistance
< Assistant interpreters >
Help overseas participants communicate with junior high students of Hokkaido in collaboration with group leaders and directors.
Program directors
< Sapporo Group Work Association >
Responsible for planning and management of overall programs, mainly communication program, and for supervision of group leaders and directors.
Group directors (9)
< those who finished training program of the Hokkaido Group Work Association >
Each assigned to a group, and help group leaders to better work for the event.
Group leaders (9)
< high school students who were selected through interview >
Each assigned to a group, and help young participants actively take part in each activity.
Art director
< Keishi SASAKI, Associate Professor of art of the Hokkaido University of Education >
Responsible for supervision of art staff, planning and preparation of art programs, and on-site guidance.
Art chief
< Mayumi MORI, Metal Art Factory “nanako” >
Chief instructor of art program responsible for supervision of art staff.
Art staff (9)
< students of the Hokkaido University of Education >
Each assigned to a group. Involved with art program planning, and on-site guidance to young participants.
Art adviser
< Masakatsu EBANA, OAK GAZAI, Art Materials >
Responsible for arrangement and purchase of materials for art program.
On-site advice on producing objects of art.
Web site & Internet
< Doshin Medic >
Responsible for official web site creation, server management, internet booth setting and its on-site management.
Event planning and setting
< Dentsu Hokkaido & Anchor >
Responsible for arrangement of materials necessary for various activities.
Stage setting for cultural performance and farewell party, and its removing.
< JTB >
Responsible for transportation arrangement.
< Sapporo International Communication Plaza >
Responsible for homestay arrangement.

< Hokkaido Senior High School Cultural Association >
In charge of recruiting high school students for group leaders.