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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
 Why don’t you enjoy an art program together with youngsters of nine overseas countries!
 You are free to come and see or take part in it.
■ Date & place
 Place: Event Hall Akarenga, Iwamizawa
August 3, Friday 14:00〜16:45
Art program
August 4, Saturday


Art program
Art Finale
IYE Coca Cola Stage

■ 2007 program
Young people of nine overseas countries and of Hokkaido and general public enjoy “Green Identification Art” together by identifying themselves with plants.
    Stars are shining like jewelries in an extensive universe.
    A planet used to be a paradise of plants.
    One day environmental destruction emerged
    and the planet was broken into nine pieces.

In our art program, efforts will be made to assemble these pieces to give new life for a rebirth as “paradise of plants.”
■ Time schedule
First let’s think what plants will feel in such a critical situation, and then make objects of art. Green-color clothes may fit for this activity. (All the activities take place at the Event Hall Akarenga.)
August 3, Friday 11:00
Art Program starts!
Junior members think of “what will please the plants” to make the planet livable for them. The goal is “paradise of plants.”

General public will join the participants and make objects of art
using cardboards and paper to form the “paradise of plants.”
Identify yourself with plants and think “what the plants will want.”
August 4, Saturday 10:30

Please invite friends and families. Let’s enjoy together!

Art Finale
Event Hall Akarenga will be filled with works of art produced in collaboration.
Fantastic “paradise of the plants” is now reborn.
What on earth will it be? Let’s celebrate the rebirth of the paradise!

IYE Coca Cola Stage
Participants from overseas will introduce their countries
by cultural performance. It’s fun with international taste.
Come and enjoy the stage performance!