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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
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International Youth Exchange in HOKKAIDO
■ Name of event
International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido (IYE)
■ Goals
  ・To provide youths of Hokkaido and of overseas countries with an opportunity to live together, enjoy hands-on experiences and learn differences and similarities
  ・To promote mutual understanding
  ・To promote social and personal development
  ・To promote international exchanges during the event and beyond
■ Period
July 31, Tuesday through August 7, Tuesday, 2007
■ Place
Sapporo (Hokkaido Youth Center, and others)
Iwamizawa (Event Hall Akarenga < Red Brick >)
■ Participants
From nine overseas countries: 5 students (aged 13 to 16) and an escort from each country − 54 in total
(Canada, China, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, U.S.A.)
From Hokkaido: 45 junior high school students
Staff from Hokkaido:
  ・Nine high school students of and around Sapporo who are interested in an international exchange
  ・Nine university students who will assist in the event operation
  ・Art staff, nine students of Hokkaido University of Education, who plan art programs and assist with art object production
■ Daily program
July 31,
Overseas participants arrive in Sapporo
August 1,
Hokkaido participants check in at the Hokkaido Youth Center
Communication program
August 2,
Communication program & art program
August 3,
Art program (in Iwamizawa)
August 4,
Art program and art finale event (in Iwamizawa)
IYE Coca Cola Stage
Overseas participants meet host families.
August 5,
August 6,
Visit to Coca Cola Bottling
Farewell party (at Sapporo Grand Hotel)
August 7,
Overseas participants leave Hokkaido

● Overall theme
“Ecology” and “interchange” are the major themes of the event, under which various programs are designed to learn about harmony between nature and people, and about cross-culture.
● Communication program
Various fun programs including sports are planned to promote friendship among participants.
● Art program
Through producing objects of art together, participants will enjoy hands-on experiences. Art can be a useful tool when people of different languages meet for interchanges.
● IYE Coca Cola Stage
Overseas participants present cultural performance to introduce their own countries. Young people of Iwamizawa will join IYE participants and play the taiko drums.
● Art finale
Not only IYE participants but visitors to the event hall “Red Brick” will take part to complete objects of art.
● Homestay
Overseas participants will enjoy daily life of Japanese people and deepen understanding of different culture while staying with host families.
● Farewell Party
Many people who were involved with this event including representatives of local exchange organizations and host families will gather on the last day of the event and enjoy gala occasion.